100 anniversary of PCS

Meeting of EuChemS Section in Warsaw

On 8-9th March, 2019, a meeting of the Section of Chemistry and the Environment Protection (EuChemS) took place at the seat of PCS in Warsaw.  The participants were 11 members of the steering committee: professors Ioannis Katsoyiannis (President, Greek delegate), Willem de Lange (Secretary, Dutch delegate), Roland Kallenborn (Treasurer, Norwegian delegate), Thomas Bucheli (Swiss delegate), Fritz Frimmel (GDCh),  Sirpa Herve (Finnish delegate), Gerhard Lammel (German delegate), Antonio Marcomini (Italian delegate), Michaela Dina Stanescu (Romanian delegate), Eduarda Pereira (Portuguese delegate) and a representative of Poland, Prof. Bogusław Buszewski, also the Chairwoman of the General Board of PCS, Prof. Izabela Nowak took part in the meeting. The meeting was concerned with the current activities of the Section. The programme included a visit to the Maria Skłodowska-Curie Museum in Warsaw and a lecture inaugurating celebration of the 100 anniversary of the Polish Chemical Society on the history of chemistry development in Poland, delivered by Prof. B. Buszewski.



On 14th June, 2019 at the Institute of Chemistry, Białystok University, a national conference on “The environment-science-responsibility” took place. The conference is organized by the Białystok University and the Kronenberg Institute – Foundation for the Future of Protected Areas. The conference has gathered representatives of science, representatives of local governments, companies, media and students that is everyone who should be aware of the threats to the natural environment and directions of activities proposed in the relevant documents. Within this conference a special session was devoted to the 100 anniversary of the Polish Chemical Society.

On 2-6th September, 2019, the 62nd General Meeting of the Polish Chemical Society took place in the campus of Warsaw University of technology. An important event of the Meeting was the celebration of the 100 anniversary of PCS. This event was organized by the Presidium of PCS. The celebration was opened by Prof. Izabela Nowak, the Chairwoman of PCS, who cordially welcomed the special guests and the meeting participants. Among the special guests were Prof. Bernard Lucas Feringa (University of Groningen, Holland) – the 2016 Nobel Prize winner in chemistry for the design and synthesis of molecular machines and  Prof. Roald Hoffmann (Cornell University in Ithaca, USA) – the 1981 Nobel Prize winner in chemistry for the theories describing the run of chemical reactions. Professor Bogusław Buszewski, an outstanding scientists and academic teacher, delivered a lecture on the history of PCS. Professor Buszewski emphasized the roles of Leon Marchlewski, Stanisław Bądzyński and Ignacegy Mościcki (President of Polish Republic in the years 1926-1939 ) in integration of Polish chemists working earlier in different partitions of Poland or in different countries. The celebration was made more festive by artistic performances and sweetened by a huge birthday cake with a logo of 100 anniversary of PCS.  Prof. Roald Hoffmann was awarded with the Maria Skłodowska-Curie Medal and delivered a lecture on “Chemistry in Art, Art in Chemistry, and the Spiritual Ground They Share”. The informal part of the meeting lasted till late evening.



Dear Colleagues, Ladies and Gentlemen,

On behalf of the members of Presidium of General Board of PCS and myself, I would like to thank everyone who participated in the celebration of 100 anniversary of the Polish Chemical Society on the 2nd of September, 2019, in the Main Hall of Warsaw University of Technology. This meeting besides being an exceptional opportunity to sum up our achievements, point out our successes and remember those who contributed to them, has shown that we are one great family of chemists, capable of working together and feasting, enjoying one another’s company.

The presence of representatives of state authorities, university rectors and vice-rectors, deans and vice-deans of the faculties of chemistry, representatives of European Chemical Societies and Publishing Houses has been a great honour for us and confirmed that the Polish Chemical Society, with its aims and activities, is appreciated in Poland and abroad.

I wish to thank everyone who expressed their gratitude and congratulations. We have received them as evidence showing that the efforts aimed at making everyone welcome at the PCS have been at least to some degree fruitful.

I am much grateful to all friends and members of the Polish Chemical Society for participation in the event. It has shown that we are able to stand together being proud of our history and being ready to create its future. My thanks are particularly due to the Presidium of General Board, especially Prof.  R. Pietrzak and the ladies from the Office for their great help in organization of this meeting.

I am convinced that the feeling of belonging and support has filled everyone with energy for realization of new projects in our work. I do hope that the atmosphere of this meeting will long be remembered.


Chairwoman of  the General Board of PCS


Prof. Dr hab. Izabela Nowak


To feel once again the nice atmosphere of the celebration you are invited to look through the scans of letters with congratulations and a gallery of photographs.


A gallery of photographs



Letters with congratulations:


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