Pierwsze webinarium Food Chemistry Division

Serdecznie zapraszamy na pierwsze webinarium Food Chemistry Division (FCD), już 12 maja 2021r. o godz 15.00.


Pierwszy wykład pt.:  "Why should anyone need a food chemist?wygłosi Dr Reto Battaglia, były Prezydent Europejskiego Stowarzyszenia Chemików i założyciel sekcji Food Chemistry przy EuChemS.


Dear colleagues,
The Food Chemistry Division of the European Chemical Society (FCD-EuChemS) has the pleasure to invite you for the 1st Webinar series on Food Chemistry that will be held on the 12th May 2021 at 15:00 (CEST).
We are very happy and honored to have Dr. Reto Battaglia opening this series of webinars presenting the lecture "Why should anyone need a food chemist?".
For the Food Chemistry Division Dr. Reto Battaglia is both a highly respected past president (1995-2000), as well as an active contributor, and a good friend, to this day. For the EuChemS he was instrumental in the transformation of its precursor FECS into the EuCheMS, which later evolved into EuChemS, in his capacity as the serving President of FECS in its last period and the first “past President” of the EuCheMS.
Dr. Reto Battaglia's talk "Why should anyone need a food chemist? " will touch upon the breadth of scientific problems that a food chemist encounters and the importance of interdisciplinarity in order to address those problems.
To participate in the webinar, please register at https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_k7kSWTdyRCmRKbax8mrW5A
We sincerely hope that many food chemists will use this opportunity to hear Reto’s reflections on the very fundamentals of the proession of food chemistry.
With kind regards,

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