Virtual symposium on Dissipative Self-Assembly

Please join ChemSystemsChem and Chemistry – A European Journal for an upcoming virtual symposium on Dissipative Self-Assembly.

When: May 12, 2022, 3 p.m. CEST


This exciting event will be moderated by Larissa von Krbek (University of Bonn, Germany), Deanne Nolan (Deputy Editor, ChemSystemsChem) and Stuart Beardsworth (Deputy Editor, Chemistry – A Eur. Journaland will feature four presentations with interactive Q&A sessions:


  • Larissa von Krbek (University of Bonn, Germany): From thermodynamically controlled towards dissipative systems
  • Job Boekhoven (Technical University of Munich, Germany): Active droplets: Droplets regulated by chemical reaction cycles
  • Leonard Prins (University of Padua, Italy): Programming chemical processes in space and time
  • Ayusman Sen (The Pennsylvania State University, USA): Autonomous enzyme motors: From transport to collective behavior

To register for this free event, please click here.



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